ChainLink Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
ChainLink is cross-platform data processing and visualization software that allows full and convenient access to C++ libraries, classes, functions, and Qt4 Widgets within a Matlab/Scilab/Octave style scripting environment.

What license does it use?
ChainLink is free, open-source software, distributed under the GNU General Public License. If you would like to support further development, make a donation.

What platforms does it run on?
Windows, Linux, and Mac (although I haven't been able to test it very much on Mac OS X).

What is the advantage over other free programs such as Scilab and Octave?
While ChainLink does not yet have as many built-in functions as Scilab and Octave, it has a superior user interface, and a modular design allowing easy access to C++ libraries, classes, and functions. In fact, you can create, modify, debug, and compile your C++ code all within the ChainLink user interface without restarting the program -- changes will take effect immediately!

Furthermore, ChainLink was programmed using Qt4 - a powerful and elegant cross-platform C++ toolkit. And the best part is that the QWidget plugin library allows access to Qt Widgets for powerful user-interface design from within ChainLink scripts!

What is the advantage over Matlab?
The answer to the previous question applies here as well, except arguably the point about the superior user interface. 

How can I get it?
See the download and installation page.